The Brooklyn Bluegrass Collective aims to capture the best of talent and spirit that resides in the roots music community of Brooklyn, New York. Zack Bruce and Jason Borisoff formed the Collective in the fall of 2014 as a way to record and showcase the expanse of musicianship and style that defines the diverse bluegrass community of Brooklyn. As two musicians working in the scene themselves, Zack and Jason saw a void that needed to be filled by a centrally organized, comprehensive, and musically rigorous cooperative, which would strive to catalog the dynamic sound of Brooklyn bluegrass. Remember your best brunch gig, your best late-night jam in a living room, your best afternoon busking in the park: that’s what we want people to hear.

The acoustic musicians of Brooklyn form a community of vibrant artists who bring a variety of musical insight into the traditional canon of bluegrass tunes. With backgrounds in everything from trad jazz to Klesmer and zydeco, educations as far-reaching as Berklee School of Music and front porch pickin’, and influences that range from Phish to punk, the musicians you’ll find in this Collective offer an enormous breadth and depth to bluegrass. Use this site as a way to choose bands for your gig, find pickers to fill out your band, or search for buddies to pick with on your next free evening. And if you’re new to the scene, consider getting in touch with us and joining the Collective yourself.